Thanks to my friend Chico, for shared with me ! COOL, LOL

Palavras para quê!!! Fantástico. espetacular.... não ha palavras

lunedì 20 maggio 2013

This video is just for you ... LOL

giovedì 7 marzo 2013

Feel So Close - Calvin Harris (On Screen Lyrics)

I thank you, Chico, for this song, for your friendship, honest and affection. I am proud that you have chosen to be my FRIEND.
[Guild]Impulz says: this is to u Dana
[Guild]Impulz says: "

mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Come Talk To Me Peter Gabriel 2004 Live (with subtitles)

My favourite song from Peter Gabriel, an awesome song from an awesome musician, singer and songwriter!

sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart *Lyrics On Screen*

Thank you Marco, for your friendship, and this video :))

giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

2013 may be a new beginning ...


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